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Pulteney Pairings

The marriage of fine food and fine whisky is undisputable.

From simple squares of chocolate to enjoy alongside your next dram to dinner party recipes such as poached lobster with smoked apple puree and vanilla oil our brand ambassador, chef Aiden Byrne, has created a suite of delectable Pulteney Pairing ideas that are certain to accentuate the flavours of our fine single malt whisky.

“When matching food and whisky, one way to ensure that your combination is a winner is to choose food ingredients and recipes that contrast with the whiskies flavours. To do this, the same principles apply to wine matching to whisky – its all about balance. Too much contrast can make one element overpower the other, whilst little contrast will pop on the plate and bring out the best flavors in both the whisky and the food. One great rule of thumb when it comes to flavour clashing is sweet and sour is a thumbs up but the same of each is an overkill” Aiden Byrne

whisky and oysters

How to match whisky and food

When it comes to rich whiskies which have been aged in sherry or bourbon casks, it's best to contrast with recipes that have bold flavours like steak, venison or pulled pork.  On the other hand, sweet, bright and fruity whiskies are accentuated when combined with spicy foods.  Considering texture is important especially for these kinds of whiskies as a smooth sweet whisky is complemented nicely with something crumbly and salty.